Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The People Want The Music For Free

Another post here about the record companies and their losses and how the people want the music for free!I do feel somewhat for the record companies,but more so for the artist/writers,singers and musicians.it is those that get cheated from the royalties they deserve.The record companies make a pretty hefty profit on an artist or band.But for the writer or musician,it is the royalties that help them survive.Yes,they do show dates and sale T's and other things,but the royalties is what steadily comes in the mailbox!I,through my own personal experience can tell you the majority of people expect to acquire their music through free downloads of P2P and Torrent programs.
Something i experienced with my music is,my music store Nimbit, http://www.nimbit.com/ ,the sales are slow,there is a $.99 charge for a single download.Now on the other hand Myxer www.myxertones.com,a ringtone site where i offer ringtones,well,i have had hundreds downloaded,and they are free!
...Here are some quotes from an article online...Consider that the sector generated revenues of $14.3 billion in 2000, according to the Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA. This year, it's expected to report revenue of $10.3 billion.Had sales growth only kept pace with the U.S. economy, it now would be worth $17 billion, Greenfield wrote.
This illustrates "how dramatically the music industry is continuing to underperform," Greenfield said in the report.
Greenfield urges music executives to embrace a new ad-supported business model, one that dramatically scales back the size of record companies and doesn't saddle songs with digital rights management. He doubts that this will happen any time soon...
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