Thursday, September 25, 2008

MySpace Music and the Majors To Launch Thursday

MySpace is to launch with the major labels Thursday.
The ambitious new MySpace Music joint venture will launch this evening at midnight PST at All four major labels - Universal, Warner, Sony and EMI - are on board (EMI was a last minute addition). Also joining the venture is The Orchard, an independent music distributor, and four major publishing companies. Basically, everyone who controls rights to music is part of the new venture.
MySpace Music allows users to stream virtually any song ever published for free. Users can also create playlists that contain up to 100 songs and share them with others. Any song can also be downloaded in non-DRM MP3 format, for a fee, from Amazon’s music download service. And if you want that song as a ringtone, you can get it as well via Jamster.


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