Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Steve Lukather Interview

There is a great interview with guitarist Steve Lukather/Toto at the "Modern Guitars" site.. http://www.modernguitars.com/archives/004523.html
Steve Lukather may be an unknown guitarist to some of you younger guitarist,but to us old schoolers,he was the man back in the day.He played with the band Toto,every musician in the band was one of L.A.'s finest studio musician,in the pop world(a hand picked "cream of the crop"band)!Steve has played on so many albums,to many to mention!At one time,a busy studio musician,but as he points out in the interview,times have a changed!His ax of choice,a Musicman!The guitars are quality controlled, great playing and sounding.The whole pick up cavity can be popped out,plugged in with another configuration,and you are ready for a totally new sound!Steve also talks about songwriting and his views on it.A very enlightening interview,and thanks to Modern Guitar....and...Steve has a new cd out,check it out.


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