Saturday, July 19, 2008

The 2008 Summer NAMM

I have just finished watching some video coverage of the summer 2008 NAMM show,held in Nashville,Tennessee.Harmony Central always does a great job at these things and is one of my favs for reviews and the heads up on new gear and software products.So,it was no surprise to see some great video coverage of the summer NAMM 2008 show.There is some great playing from a young little guy in the first clip.He is playing some mean skins!Wow...such great players today to be so young,and he was in the pocket,not just flamming all over the place!For some that takes years to accomplish!And there is 3 parts to the guitar being in a candy store :-) !Gibson now has the "Robot"guitar system on a Gibson SG.There is even mentioning of new guitar picks!And the gas prices,well,the show was packed,so no one stayed home for this one!
A big Thanks to Harmony Central for some great coverage...again!


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