Monday, December 3, 2007

Suggested Readings For More Music Weapons

I have a few books that i feel should be required reading for every guitarist.Just like listening,music theory and song learning are all must do's to become an accomplished musician and master at your instrument,i also include reading on the list.I call all these my music weapons!Yes,you have to have an arsenal of weapons to become an accomplished player,and reading is one of them.
Three books come to mind,and they are...(1)"Mickey Baker"/Jazz books One and Two,(2)"Scales and Modes In The Beginning" and (3)"Chord Chemistry".
The Mickey Baker book 1 is a must have for beginning jazzers.It includes all the basic jazz chords,and more,needed to get you started in playing jazz on guitar.And also included are some basic scales needed to improvise over the chords.Book 2 of Mickey Baker is a continuation of book 1,just more detailed with additional chords and sca;es.At least get Book 1 and memorize it!The second book,"Chords and Scales In The Beginning",is a great book for scale and modes knowledge.And in addition,it will tell you what mode/scale will fit with a paricular chord progression.To me,it is the book to read and memorize for scales and modes and how they fit with chords and chord progressions,a great book...get it!!!This book is a music style neutral,the material can be applied to ALL styles of music.And the 3rd book is Ted Green's,"Chord Chemistry",it is one of the most comprehensive books on guitar chords and their voicings and positions on the neck,i have ever come across.Chord knowledge is a must,so get this book!
So many newer players lack knowledge of chords and chord progressions....humm.All want to be soloist!!!But guess what...FIRST and have to know what the chord progression/chord is!!!REMEMBER...the CHORD/CHORD PROGRESSION dictates what the melody or solo player CAN and CAN NOT play...peroid!!!
Also the "Berklee School Of Music" guitar books are great.
So,go and purchase these books and begin building your arsenal of music weapons.


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