Thursday, December 13, 2007

The eStrap

Hi All,
I was just reading an article on a device/controller, for guitar that allows you to control effects like wah-wah,phase,chorus,delay and more.It,as the name implies,it clips to your strap.With movement you can control the ,say,amount of phase mix or say pan a chord from left to right.And all this can be done while moving around on stage...cooolll!I have always been at the mercy of the floor pedal!Think about be able to leave your pedal and walk around the stage but have the wah wah effect still available to use,or any other effect!That is tremendous freedom for the guitarist.I see it as when the keyboard controller first came out.The keyboardist was to go anywhere he liked while playing!Here is addtional info and a link...i'm going out and buy mine now!
Conceived by innovative guitar designer Ned Steinberger, the eStrapâ„¢ uses a tension sensor on the strap to control effects like wah, distortion, flange, pitch and volume. No longer tied to a cumbersome foot pedal, the guitarist is free to roam the stage and control his effects with intuitive movement, enhancing the musical experience for the player and audience alike.
Imagine playing a phase shifter that changes depth with chording motion. Imagine playing the final note of a solo, and having a delay sweep in to repeat it. Imagine playing chords with a flange effect only on beat three of every measure. The eStrap makes this possible and playable, without foot pedals.
The eStrap includes the guitar strap with integrated sensor and wireless transmitter, and a small receiver unit with classic wah circuitry built in. The expression pedal control jack can be used to control external effects, giving the eStrap unlimited access to the latest signal processing technology. Available from Atlantic Quality Design, the eStrap is priced at $280.00.


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