Sunday, November 25, 2012

A New Discovery...Wayne Krantz

His "pop"
This guy has a fresh new style.He is knowledgeable,and I love the way he plays the double stops and passing chords,by letting them "breath"/sustain!
And his single notes ain't shabby!

Watch "Wayne Krantz Keith Carlock Tim Lefebvre - Music Album Video 2009" on YouTube

Common Mistakes Guitarist Make When Practicing

Ha....back again!!!Been a while,bare with me here I am trying out the Blogger mobile app!.
...Many guitarist share common mistakes when practicing.
I was recenty over at
,a great informative site for guitarist.There was an article on practicing and 11 common mistakes guitarist make...
Use the link above.There are some good pointers here by Tom Hess...
...preview of article below...

11 Mistakes Guitar Players Make and How To Avoid Them by Tom Hess (06 Apr 09)
Mistakes 1-6
Do you know how some guitar players practice most days of the week,work hard, and are passionate about their playing, but they always struggle to be able to play the way they want? They are frustrated because they don’t improve fast enough, begin doubting their potential, or even feel discouraged or angry with themselves when thinking about how long it is taking them to become a better guitar player.

Can you relate to that? .... link above to read entire article by Tom Hess...
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