Thursday, March 11, 2010

Exile On Main Street

The Rolling Stones,most successful rock band ever,their still together!And..their is something to be said about Ron Woods playing.These guys ain't young anymore,but are still rockin...sorta :-).

The Rolling Stone Mag:
The Secrets Behind the Rolling Stones' "Exile on Main Street"... In the new issue of Rolling Stone, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards talk about plundering their vaults for the upcoming rerelease of their 1972 masterpiece Exile on Main Street. Here's more from our conversations with the two Rolling Stones and producer Don Was. The intimate Rolling Stones: photos from the band's 1969 tour.
Mick Jagger: Tell me how this new edition of Exile on Main Street came together. Universal wanted to rerelease Exile, and they asked me if there were any tracks that we didn't use when we released it originally. And I said, "Well, I doubt it very much." One, 'cause I thought we probably used most of the tracks anyway, 'cause it was a double album. And secondly, 'cause I couldn't really be bothered. But then they said, "Please, will you look?" I was quite surprised to find the tapes in such a good state. They all had to be baked in ovens [to] last forever. I added bits and pieces here and there.....
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