Saturday, September 12, 2009

Two Guitar Instructional Video Must Haves

There are two guitar instructional videos that come to mind that every guitarist should have in their library.They are by Eric Johnson ,"Total Electric Guitar"and Frank Gambale's "Modes No More Mystery" DVD.Both are very informative and thought out in a way to easily understand,and both have some great playing on them,by these artist.
The Eric Johnson video,"Total Electric Guitar",i think,is his first one he put out.He opens with a great performance and then gets into explaining different guitar players and their styles and the techniques used to create their sound and style.He even goes as far as combining their styles into one song,a very interesting thing to "see" and "hear"!And to me,the big plus is this.Personally i have yet to hear Eric's talent come through,in way of his released cd's,as i have on this video.His playing abilities,on this video, simply out shine the ones expressed on his released audio cd's!So... you will quickly see his enormous gifts and talents on this instructional video...
Product Description...
Here is a unique opportunity to study with one of the great electric guitarists. Eric Johnson gives a master class in advanced picking techniques for speed and accuracy, left- and right-hand muting, blues bends, pedal steel-style bends, and unique chord voicings. There is much more too, all adding up to a truly great 90-minute electric guitar lesson from the man of whom Steve Morse said, Eric Johnson is so good it's ridiculous! Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Now,on to Frank Gambale :-).Frank is,well,simply amazing.His sweep picking and all and his work with Chick Corea.But Frank is also gifted in teaching and getting info to the student,in a way that is easily understood and absorbed.And the DVD "Modes No More Mystery" is no exception to this.He breaks the modes down to a basic understanding,and plays them seperately against the proper chord progression.Even going so far to show the proper chord progression that works or fits with each mode!This,in itself,is a must know,to understand the modes and their place in improvising against chords.
Product Description
Frank presents a clear and easy-to-understand guide to using modes in soloing. Frank takes a subject that guitarists often find confusing and explains it in simple terms. He covers all seven major modes and demonstrates the use of each in the context of some extraordinary solo work. Intermediate to advanced. DVD special features include a tuning segment and a bonus video performance (Allan Holdsworth, Joe Pass).
So... purchase these two great guitar instructional videos and expand your playing to a whole new level.Also,it does not matter what style or styles of playing you are into,between these two excellent videos,you will be covered!


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