Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quotes From Guitarist....Slash

"There's always something new to learn "- Slash
Official Slash Site...
Slash Fan site,lot of info on Slash...


Robert said...

Hi Greg!
Nice site. I'm goping to spend some time here checking things out. Thanks for commenting on myblog also. I considered the translator widget and even tried it.. Translator programs do a decent job with everyday common language but when it comes to translating the particular vocabulary of disciplines (music, medecine, engineering, etc...) they completely fail because they don't know the special terminology for each discipline. For example guitar "neck" would be translated as "cuello" which is what's between your head and body. In Spanish it's "mástil". If you translated "mástil" back to English it also means tehe mast of a ship. The "root" of a chord would be translated as "raíz" (root of a plant) and not "tónica" and so on.
I'm a part time translator so it's no big deal to whip the articles out in Spanish.
Said all of this, would you like to trade links?
Thanks again,
Best regards,

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