Monday, October 13, 2008

Guitar Video Lessons...Vanderbilly

PC World just listed a pretty cool site for guitarist, .It focuses on learning popular songs through video.Along with that,the site has an ok forum and is still developing their gear review section.But the video section is fairly good.The sites own,check it out "future Jimmy Page clones"!
Vanderbilly is fun, easy to use, 100% free and the coolest online guitar video lessons web site in the world! You can easily learn every riff of your favorite songs by your favorite guitar players. Don't spend weeks trying to figure this stuff out, let us do the dirty work. There's no need to learn tablature or read music. Simply watch the slow motion videos and listen to the instructors as they share their secrets and demystify the guitar parts you love. You can even log into your own private area and view your favorite videos at regular or half speed. You will finally have an insiders view of the best solos and guitar part ever written. We explore the styles of Page, Clapton, Hendrix, Van Halen, Vai, SRV, Eric Johnson, Schon, Santana, Satriani and the rest of your favorite guitar players. Their secrets are exposed in slow motion video by professional instructors. Can't find a specific song or solo? Request it and we might crank it out.


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