Monday, January 14, 2008

The Little Tuner That Could...AP Tuner

Do you need a great desktop guitar tuner?I do,that way i do not need to drag out a tuner from the guitar case,or find it!And i do not have to open a big music software program to just tune my guitar while playing through my computer with my toys!

The AP Tuner is by far the best desktop tuner i have found.It can be used,as is,no tweaking,or it has the ability to be tweaked/temperments,hertz,soundcard and more.And it is not sluggish,it holds the note being played(others do not) and the face of it is very pleasing and visual.And,well,it's free too.Of course a donation would be a kind thing to do.I got to say this is my all time favorite desktop tuner,and i have tried me.
....For GOT TO PLAY IN TUNE....and for the pros(i know most of you are...right!!) can not beat this for a desktop tuner,especially if you are recording via computer
....605269 AP Tuner downloads since September 2003


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