Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Wealth Of Jazz Info Online...Yahoo Jazz Guitar Group

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The Yahoo jazz guitar group is one of the most resourceful sites on the internet for information on playing jazz and other styles.They recently celebrated an anniversary,here is a note of it and informayion about the site.i highly recommend signing up with this group...
[jazz_guitar] Happy 10 Year Anniversary YJGG
Sept 2, 2009 - It's the Yahoo Jazz Guitar Group's 10th year Anniversary of our launch! So we are sending out this "special notice".

YJGG was launched in our present format on eGroups on Sept 2, 1999
(Yahoo acquired eGroups on June 28, 2000).

The initial members came from the defunct, Jazz Guitar Dial-Up Bulletin Board and the subsequent ListServe JAZZGUITAR-L covering the years 1982-1999. Back in 1999 we were one of the few destinations for Jazz guitar players on the web, and only a handful of jazz guitarists had personal web-sites.

It is amazing to think of the technology change that has happened since our launch. There was no (July 2000), Wikipedia (January 2001), MySpace (August 2003), Facebook (February 2004), ( November 2005), Twitter (July 2006). The National Association for Jazz Education (NAJE) had not yet changed their name to International, and now they are gone (March 2009) and the RIAA had not yet filed a lawsuit against the Napster file-sharing client, on charges of copyright infringement (Dec 1999)! How things have changed!

We thank all our current 6680 members for continuing to support YJGG. Please continue to spread the word, so we remain an active and free destination for jazz guitarists.

If you are old member who has not posted in a while, drop by and say hi, it is always nice to hear from you, perhaps give us an update of your current activities and thoughts on jazz guitar:

- Just send a text email to: Jazz_Guitar@ yahoogroups. com or visit us on the web:

http://launch. com/group/ jazz_guitar/

- Post your gig listings (See: http://www.jazzguit FAQ00027. htm )
- Sell or trade your guitar (See: http://www.jazzguit FAQ00056. htm )
- Announce your new independently produced CD/MP3 (See: http://www.jazzguit FAQ00023. htm )


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