Sunday, July 26, 2009

Best Rack Mount Guitar Preamp...Marshall JMP-1

If you are like me and prefer a rack system over floor pedals the Marshall JMP-1 tube preamp is a great piece to add.It is by far the most authentic sounding guitar preamp i have ever personally used,to sounding like a great sounding all tube combo amp or stack,bar none!
It is the only one that stays clean and tight on the low end,like an all tube amp does.The lows are tight and thumpy,not mushy and dirty.And...the great thing about this unit is,it is MIDI.And in addition,the line out,for recording is also killer sounding.
here are some specs...
* Four channels: two clean, two overdriven
* MIDI in, out, and thru
* Mapping facility
* Programmable stereo effects loop
* Speaker-Emulated and standard outs
The write up at Musicians Friend...
By combining Marshall valve tone with guitar-friendly MIDI technology, the JMP-1 establishes itself as the leading edge in rack mounted preamps. 4 custom-voiced channels are provided: Clean 1, for warm full bodied chords; Clean 2, for the glassy edge of a JTM45 and a spectrum of bright tones; OD1, for smoldering power and the searing tones of modern metal; and OD2, for tight, focused tone and all the sustain you could ever want. The JMP-1 has MIDI in, out, and thru connections plus a mapping facility. Also features a programmable stereo effects loop and Speaker-Emulated outputs (in addition to standard outputs), including an incredibly realistic stereo emulation.
So.if you are looking for a great sounding and very versatile guitar rack mount preamp,the Marshall JMP-1 is the baby to go with.
Musicians Friend...
Harmony Central user reviews...


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