Sunday, April 5, 2009

Style Of Playing Determines Guitar Neck Radius

This is about the radius of the neck or fretboard.Radius is how much or little the curve is on a guitar neck/fretboard.Too curved of a fingerboard and bends choke out,too flat of a finger board and chords play uncomfortably.So the neck radius is a very important choice when choosing a guitar.Your style of playing will usually dictate your choice of radius to choose.If you play mainly chords a neck with more radius/curve will be your choice,and if you play more solo style then a flatter or a neck with less radius will be the better choice.
Then there are compound radius necks.These necks gradually go from more of a curved fingerboard up to a flatter radius/fretboard,for soloing.
The more curved,the better for chording.The less curved or flatter,the better for soloing and bends.
The Rock House Blog has a great article on this,so go over read the post,it is informative...


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