Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Half Step Whole Step Diminished Scale

Lets talk about an interesting scale,the half/whole step diminished scale.It is an 8 note pattern and can be moved up or down in minor 3rds.It fits nicely over a 7 flat 9 or a 7 raised 9 chord.It moves ,like it says,first a half step,then next a whole step.I often use it for the "Jimmy Hendrix" chord,the Dom.7#9 chord!Funny,a lot of players call it the Hendrix chord!There are other chords it will fit over also.Let's look at the notes in the Key of C...


You have a b9 and a #9,a #11(b5) and a 5.And a Major 3rd and b/dom.7,and a 13((6th).So any dom. chord/b 7th with a Major 3rd and containing a b9,#9,#11(b5) and a 13(6th)...will work with this scale.
Want to really get the skinny on this scale.Go over to and read the article by Chris Juergensen,there is a wealth of knowledge over there!


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