Monday, April 13, 2009

Guitarist Oz Noy.....Funky,Funky Stuff

Man....this is some funky ass sh---ite.I have to say it :-).I just found this guy out over at Pandora Radio web site...Oz Noy.Never,ever heard of him.He reminds me of John Schofield,with his phrasing and sounds.But this jam is funky.Will Lee on the bass,and the drummer,Keith Carlock,never heard of him either!I guess i am getting a bit old :-).This is on the other end of the spectrum from Audley Freed,but is tasty just the same :-)..,...enjoy.


Dy-sphoric said...

...nice find.

G said... can a guitar player not like Oz!His rhythm,soloing and sounds,what a nice package.Also check out "Damn This Groove",the drummer really gets off...

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