Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fender Price Increase Bumping Thirty Five Percent Increase

Woa and Woa...i checked some Fender guitar products new prices and the increase is more like 34 to 35 percent increase.This is quite a lot when the old retail price was $800.00 or more.I have included a couple of links.One is the new prices on a few Fender guitars and the other link is where i got the pix of the beautiful Fender Jaguar!

* ‘65 Mustang Reissue increases from $699 to $939.
* Classic Player Jaguars and Jazzmasters increase from the $799-$849 range to the $1069-$1119 range.
* American Vintage Jaguars and Jazzmasters increase from $1499 to $1900.
* J Mascis Jazzmaster increases from $999 to $1269.
* Squier Jagmaster increases from $249 to $279.

Fender Jaguar Vintage

***And....i have to include the artist,Pamelina(just for the artwork,not price increase),and her beautiful Fenders...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dating Your Guitar By The Serial Number

OK...i have had an extremely full plate going on lately!So,sorry for no post,in fact,post may be slow for the next few weeks.But check in and see if anything new has been posted,will be a little sporadic to say the least!
I recently was trying to find the production date of a particular guitar i have.You can do this several ways,one being the serial number.On electrics,the serial number is usually on the back of the headstock.And on acoustics,on the inside.or by looking through the sound hole.So in my journeys i have discovered many good sites with info on this.I have listed a few of them,along with a site with some great pics of vintage and cool guitars.Along with dating a guitar by the serial number,there are additional ways that will enhance your results.Some are the guitars shape,the headstock shape,the hardware,pick-ups,etc.And,what is written on the headstock,that was my case!And thanks to the site... for the great picture!
Guitar Dating and Guitar Serial Numbers...
Vintage Guitars Info - Fender, collecting vintage guitars fender stratocaster, strat, telecaster, tele...
Vintage Guitars Info's Gibson Vintage Guitar General Info, Specs, and Serial Numbers...
Martin Guitar > Martin History > Serial Look-up...
***Jedistar guitar dating and vintage guitar serial numbers, Acacia Instruments, American Showster, Allen Guitars...
eBay Guides - Gibson Electric Guitar Serial Number and Date Code Info...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Missed NAMM 2009...Videos at Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar has some good product videos of the 2009 NAMM Show.Some are...
Mesa Boogie Electra Dyne Demo
JazzKat PhatKat Demo
Line 6 Pod X3 Pro
Lakland Skyline Decade Bass
Yamaha 40th Anniversary SBG-3000 & FG Models...this guitar is a die for!To me,it blows a Les Paul out of the water.Also the 2000's are awesome too.If you ever get your hands on one and plug it in and play it,you will be hooked.
Thanks Premier Guitar for the videos.There was so much to be seen and still soaking it all in....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Elevator MUZAK Files For Chapter 11

The company Muzak recently filed for Chapter 11.It is a South Carolina based company in the US.It provided the soft,stringed down sounds of instrumental tracks or softened down tracks of pop tunes in elevators,dentist offices,shopping malls,grocery stores and more.It had been around since the Great Depression,a while!Thus the coined name elevator music!Just another business to be affected,i guess,with our recent ever changing economy.Hum,i wonder what will replace my late night visit to Wal-Mart or my visit to the the local grocer?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quick Music Fact...Develop Your Own Style

About the most important thing to playing is developing your own style and sound.This can be an ever evolving thing.There is the sound you produce or create.Then there is the way you play what you play.The great guitarist can be recognized in just a few notes of hearing.Sometimes even in one note!One that comes to mind is Carlos Santana.His way of playing,the sustained notes,along with the rapid picking and his sound,fat and sustained.And most of these players play melodically.That is to say more like a sang or hummed melody,not rapid fire all the time.Again the way the note is attacked or played.Do you pick the note,hammer,pull off or slide into the note,these are all styles of playing.The phrasing of a group of notes and the tone and sound being created.Once you have developed a style you are considered an accomplished player by the players.Creating your own style can be one of the hardest parts of music to create!It comes at the cost of a music vocabulary or knowledge and a sound that is all your get the ol' axe out and start working on your own style.....good luck.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fender Price Increase

Woa...slow economy,job losses,businesses closing,but,Fender does a 30% price increase.Are they crazy?Man...i sure am glad i got that million dollar Christmas bonus from the band!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quick Music Fact...Truss Rod Adjustment

(Left to loosen...Right to tighten,and should have slight bow)
Your truss needs adjusting with the weather seasons.Since the neck is wood,it expands and contracts.The weather change affects the neck and it's curvature.So when the season changes get out your allen wrench and adjust the ol' truss rod.Normally there will be an ever so slight bow(downward)around frets 4 through 8.Look at the diagram, and never...never over tighten the truss rod to where it has an upward bow!
Thanks to Seagull Guitars for the diagram.And they are great quality and sounding acoustic guitars for the price!