Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Full Bar Chord....6th String Root

OK...we are now going to talk about the full bar chord,the 6th string root bar chord.There are actually the 4th,5th and 6th string root bar chords.The 4th and 6th string root shapes are very similar.For the 6th string Major you bar all 6 strings with the first finger.And if you play an E Major open string shape,well,that is part of the 6th string root Major bar chord.Once you have formed the bar chord,you can see the shape of the E Major open string chord in the F Major bar chord. can see the open E shape inside the bar chord...

In the diagram the numbers represent the fingers to use,and you are barring across all 6 strings with the 1st finger.It will be easier to form the chord if,you twist your wrist to the left a little so that your fingers are slanted to the left!Now strum all six strings....voila!Be patient while learning to play this chord,it will take some time.Now,pick each string separately to listen to see which note(s)are not ringing out.By doing this,you will hear which ones are not clear,work on all the notes(6) to ring out clearly.Maybe,try "pinching" the neck with your thumb behind the neck,and your other fingers.This will help with the barring finger.The great thing about bar chords is,they are "movable",unlike the open string chords,the bar chords can be moved up and down the neck!You use the same shape,just move it it to another fret number.The 1st fret bar chord is the F,the 3rd fret is the G,the 5th fret is the A,etc.We will talk about that more later,the notes on the sixth string.Next we will talk about the minor bar chord shape.Remember....patience is the name of the game here,and break often while playing the bar shapes,until you gain more strength in your wrist and fingers.
....This is called the F Major(6th string root, Major bar chord)


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