Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Note From Just Plain Folks Concerning MySpace

..I am a member over at Just Plain Folk,and i recently received an email concerning MySpace website and it signing a deal with several major labels.I thought the newsletter would be of interest to share here to fellow musicians.Just Plain Folks is a great organization,i highly recommend becoming a member.
..A big announcement was made about MySpace Music signing a deal with 3 of the 4 major labels (with indications the 4th, EMI may follow suit soon.......the news letter goes on to say... If the majors are going to be co-owners of the new site, what would make any of us believe that they intend to treat the artists/writers not on their labels fairly? After all, these are the same people who have thumbed their nose at fair competition with schemes such as radio payola for many years. The major label system has regularly shut indies/grassroots artists out of significant radio play, off most shelves at record stores, out of corporate controlled music venues and relegated to the commercial music equivalent of the“back of the bus".These are going to be the new owners/gatekeepers for MySpace Music? Really?
.....MySpace Music officially announced itself Thursday morning with blessings from majors Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, and Sony BMG. The tie-up, billed a "landmark joint venture," will include DRM-free downloads, ad-supported audio and video streaming, a mobile storefront powered by Jamba, and "various sponsorship solutions." Artist-related assets like merchandise and concert tickets will also be part of the action, and collateral will be integrated within individual artist profile pages....click the link below to read more


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