Thursday, October 25, 2007

Notes On The Fretboard

I hope this helps the beginnning to intermediate guitarist develop some type system of learning and memorizing the notes on the fretboard.It can be quite a daunting experience to the beginner.I have found the "box" system works quite well in learning and memorizing the fretboard.Maybe this will help some unlock the "mystery" of the fretboard!
The guitar is not visual like the piano,so it is a bit tricky when it comes to developing a system to learn the notes.I like the idea of the "box"system.It also speeds up the learning process,i think.This can also be applied to helping to play scales on the neck.Look at the fretboard as having boxes(a block) up and down the neck.In each area or box you have a two octave range.This will be by the note on sixth string and the same note,an octave higher,on the fourth string,and the same note again on the first string,or second octave.This can be done for each note,up or down the fretboard.Also remember,two of the six strings are the same name,an E note,so that makes it easier!
Look at the diagram below and notice the"box"with the 3 A notes(dots),and the straight vertical purple lines(2)before and after the dots.This is the 'box"area i am talking about.Learning the same note grouped in an area or box makes learning the fretboard a lot quicker...


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